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Cost effective automation

HAMON develops cutting edge software built on solid foundations. We deliver reliable solutions with predictable schedules.

Our team has over a decade of experience in the industry. We have worked at all levels of the application stack from on board embedded programming, transport protocols, server side APIs and analytics.

We also have a strong partner network to supplement our capability so that we can deliver turnkey projects effectively with just a single point of contact for our customers.

If you have a software infrastructure problem that you're having trouble with, drop us a line.




Kozhikode, Kerala





Our Expertise

Embedded development

The soul of the machine. This is the software breathes life into a board and makes it alive. We are comfortable with device drivers, kernel and other low level programming.


Modern systems rely on cloud vendors and their value adds to reduce maintenance costs. We've worked with Amazon AWS Iot services to make this happen. We've also implemented custom services on raw VPSs


MQTT, HTTPS XMPP, 0MQ, webRTC etc. We're comfortable with all of the standard protocols used by IoT devices to send their data to the cloud and their tradeoffs

Test automation

Software runs for a long time and is continuously changing. Test automation makes sure that bugs don't leak out to the customer. Our experience in this area lets us build infrastructure that will ensure quality.


We have the data. Now we can put it to use. Our familiarity with the Anaconda suite helps us develop solutions to do this.


If the computer can do it, it should do it.


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